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John White Professional Life Coach What is NLP

Did you know that Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is all about understanding how human beings work? According to Ian McDermott, it’s not about fixing what doesn’t work but by looking at what we know about human behaviour when it’s at its best. NLP was developed in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder at The […]

Zoran M. Pavlovic, MD Psychiatrist, Certified REBT Psychotherapist, and Executive Coach

Zoran, my coach, asked me to share an interview he recently gave.   My opinion emphasizes the need for new, proactive, holistic, and evidence-based coaching interventions to add value to the currently available well-being practices. By focusing on prevention, acknowledging the significance of mental health, promoting spiritual and meaning-based coaching, conducting rigorous research, fostering scientific […]

Coaching, NLP And Applied Neuroscience

John White Professional Life Coach

TEMPORAL CORTEX The temporal cortex Lies just above the ears. It is essential in hearing, not only in Low-level perception of sounds but also in comprehension, naming, verbal memory and other language functions. Thus, it is crucial in the development of Language ability in humans. The sound of the spoken word takes a short time […]