What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming with clarity? 

coaching and nlp

Neuro-Linguistic Programming – or NLP as commonly known – is fundamentally the study of human excellence.

“Understand how human beings work, not by trying to fix what doesn’t work, but by beginning to look at what we know to be how people function when they function at their best. “– Ian Mcdermott, ITS Founder.

Where did Neuro-Linguistic Programming originate?

NLP was developed in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder whilst at The University of California, Santa Cruz. Grinder was studying Linguistics, and Bandler was an information scientist and mathematician studying Philosophy and Psychology at the time.

Their interest was in high-performing individuals, and they studied the behaviour and mindset that led this group of people to achieve great things. They then took what they observed about these individuals to create various exercises and techniques that others could model and replicate.

How does Neuro-Linguistic Programming work?

Here’s a typical example, let’s say you want to quit smoking.

NLP can help you identify your smoking habit’s ‘positive by-product’This is because ‘human behaviour is purposeful, even though at times what you are doing may seem unwanted, negative or self-destructive. It works because your unwanted behaviour has a more significant function. There must be some payoff, or it worked for you in the past; otherwise, you wouldn’t keep doing it.

Once you have identified the positive by-product of your unwanted behaviour, get clear about how you can incorporate them into the proposed change.

How can Neuro-Linguistic Programming benefit you?

Improving your communication skills.

Increasing your self-confidence.

Helping you achieve your desired outcomes.

Becoming aware of unhelpful subconscious patterns.

Breaking bad habits and behaviours.

Overcoming any limiting beliefs and blockers.

Dealing with people you may find difficult.

Creating more freedom to choose what matters to you.

Managing unexpected life events and challenges.
Adapted from an original article written by Ian Mcdermott, Founder of itsnlp.com


coaching and nlp

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